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SugarLilly the Start Up

As many of us do, my business partner and I spent many a coffee discussing having our own business and what we would do if we had the opportunity.  It was over these coffees / wines that we came up with the amazing idea of getting into business together.  With complimentary skill sets and a strong friendship we were fired up and raring to go, all we needed now was an idea!  The brainstorming began. We brainstormed loads of different name ideas! Then Jo came up with SugarLilly! We were inspired!

Yes, we came up with the name before the business idea itself which is a bit of a back to front way of doing things but it worked for us. A girls accessories brand perhaps?!  The name SugarLilly lent itself to a little character. Shannon an artist and graphic designer had her own ideas of what she should be like so set to work with her design hat on.  I was amazed when I saw the finished product.  Starting from these first sketches came SugarLilly:

          monkey drawing


I couldn’t believe how right Shannon had got it and how easy it was for me to fall in love with the little monkey.  It was so exciting seeing things moving forward, knowing that this was only the beginning but we had a great starting point.

Then came the complicated stuff, learning about Intellectual Property, Safety legislation, Sourcing, Company registration etc.  It was a minefield but with the help of friends and business professionals we found our way through the tricky stuff and got our little monkey SugarLilly trademarked and ready to show to the masses.

It was then time to go shopping, (such a hardship!) looking for what is popular in the market with girls’ accessories in the age range we wanted to appeal to.  We had a list of products and long and your arm and leg, and although we wanted to launch with a good range we had to seriously cut down our wish list.  (One day we will have her on everything, I have no doubt.)  Once decided we sourced from all over the place and now have suppliers in the UK, China, USA and Germany.

On 15th November 2014 SugarLilly was launched for sale and we have had a great response so far and have received some amazing reviews. We are only at the start of a very long journey but it couldn’t be more exciting. launch-photos

So for those of you out there who have a dream to work for yourself, anything is possible all it take is the right team and enthusiasm and you can start working for you.

Keep following our blog to find out about the new developments of SugarLilly, her personality and new products launched. She will bring out the little girl in all of you x  


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