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What an amazing Saturday, beautiful weather, and an overly excited 5 year old waiting for her SugarLilly birthday party! The preparations and excitement have been building for months, once the Christmas tree was down, the next event on little Hannah’s calendar was her SugarLilly party! Loving her excitement, all sorts of games and food ideas were thought of, from cakes, sweet platters, to pin the flower on SugarLilly. The preparations were underway. 

Hannah’s house and garden were transformed into a SugarLilly paradise, bell tents covered with bunting and decorated with bright lime green, pink and white pompoms bought from the most beautiful party supply shop and compliments SugarLilly really well. SugarLilly Gardens for decorating with tissue paper and pin the flower on SugarLilly, were hung up on the walls inside, games that all the kids loved. Pass the parcel, face-painting and an amazing spread of party food and balloons. 

The table centrepiece was a large SugarLilly Cake, surrounded by pink popcorn, heart shaped sandwiches, a jellybean SugarLilly flower, decorated Babybelle cheese and a great selection of fruit and veg. 

The children loved it, doing all sorts of SugarLilly craft and games, having a lovely party feast and of course no childrens party is complete without a lovely take home party bag pre filled with lots of SugarLilly goodies and an individually packed SugarLilly cupcake. 

Little Hannah, couldn’t have been happier, I wonder what will be next on her wish list, but for sure this party lived up to her expectations, SugarLilly is a firm feature in her little world.

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  1. Funmilayo

    Hi Sugar Lilly , I just stopped by to say, my nieces had so much fun with the stick on earrings, the shoulder bag and note book go everywhere with them now ~ thank you !!

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